Kacey Burke has all the qualities that you would want in a mentor. Through her tremendous playing career at UNC, various national team environments and the professional game, she has gained the experience and the expertise that not many people share.


As a teammate, Kacey was always encouraging, competitive and hard working. She separated herself from her peers with her technical ability, and her comfort with the ball at her feet was always admirable.


Maybe most importantly, Kacey is a trustworthy and thoughtful individual and I know working and learning from her would be incredibly beneficial!


- Heather O'Reilly

   United States Women's National Team

   3 Time Olympic Gold Medalist

   2 Time National Champion at University of North Carolina







Kacey Burke, of Play Soccer In College, provides the highest level of professional services. As an experienced and successful Division I Women’s Soccer Coach, Kacey provides clients with valuable insight and advice on the college recruiting process. The college recruiting process can be very complicated and stressful. Play Soccer In College will educate and guide you on how to approach the process with greater confidence and knowledge.


What sets Play Soccer In College apart from others is the fact that it offers other services such as soccer skill development and life skills mentoring. Kacey is much more than just a Division I soccer coach! Kacey is a very accomplished professional in all facets of the word.  Kacey has played on the highest levels, from earning a NCAA Division I National Championship at UNC-Chapel Hill to appearing with the US National Team in many games. She understands the commitment and effort needed to be successful in the sport. She is tremendous at coaching and training individuals to achieve their individual goals.


One thing I have learned about Kacey is, she is a leader! When you hear the words mentor or role model, she is the perfect definition.  She leads by example and communicates in ways that can be understood and related to. She creates environments where the young student-athletes develop skills in areas such as decision making and problem solving. I have no doubt that these environments are fun, motivating and challenging.


If you are looking for a service that encompasses overall development and preparation for a student-athlete with ambitions to contribute to a college program, then Play Soccer In College is the perfect choice!


- Rick Stainton

   Head Coach, Seton Hall Women’s Soccer

   Former Coach, Sky Blue FC, Women’s Professional Soccer







Coach Burke is one of the best soccer coaches in the country. She is uniquely qualified to help you develop your game to its full potential while at the same time helping you navigate the college recruiting process.


And she's one of the most genuine and caring people I know. If you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with Coach Burke, and to have her mentor you, jump on the chance! It will be one of the best decisions you ever make in your life.


I give her my highest recommendation as a coach and as a person.


- Brad Sparling

  Former golf coach at Duke and Ohio State

  Coach of 2 NCAA Championship teams







Kacey Burke was my collegiate soccer coach at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and has helped me tremendously over the past year on my path to becoming a professional soccer player for Taby FK in Sweden.


Not only has she helped develop my skills on the field and helped ease the transition to the professional ranks, but Kacey saw beyond the skill set needed to make it to the next level by strengthening my character and helping me endure any obstacles

I have had to overcome along the way.  Kacey has mentored me off the field and helped advance my mentality and confidence which has provided me with countless opportunities.


Her ability to network with her numerous contacts around the country and abroad has opened doors and prepared me to be a successful person and athlete in the future.


- Hannah Kernen

   Professional Soccer Player, Taby FK







Our family has known Kacey for over 10 years. We first met her when she played at UNC. Since then she has served as a technical advisor, coach, friend and mentor for our own daughter. In our opinion, there is no one in the country who is better prepared to help guide young women through the college recruiting process.


Kacey has all of the attributes that you want in a coach and mentor for your daughter. She was an All-American player at UNC and member of the US National Team, so she has played at the very highest level.  In addition, she has extensive college coaching experience.  She understands all aspects of the college game including the recruiting process.   Perhaps most importantly, she is a person of great character and passion.


Kacey will help your daughter achieve her dream of playing collegiate soccer.  In addition, she will help your daughter become a better person and one who is well prepared to handle the sometimes difficult transition to college.


 - Rand S.



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